Keam's Yard Car Park Parking map
Short Stay, 68 spaces, height restrictions apply, disabled spaces available

Also known as 'Cushing's View', access is via Island Wall, a road running parrallel with the beach, and if you're coming down the High Street from the Canterbury direction, take the turning left at the point where the Harbour Street one-way system begins, and Keam's Yard is straight ahead.
This car park provides access to the beach, as well as the Harbour Street end of town, and space can be hard to find due to the car park's central location.

The Gorrell Tank Car Park Parking map
Long Stay, 204 Spaces, Height and weight restrictions apply, CCTV, part-closed Thursday mornings

The Gorrell Tank car park is Whitstable's largest car park, and is easily visible from the main Road. If you've driven through Harbour Street, coming from the Canterbury end of town, you'll soon see The Gorrell Tank on your right.
The entrance is via Westgate Terrace, so you'll need to turn into Cromwell Road at the traffic lights to get to it.
This car park is ideal for visiting Whitstable Harbour, and the Castle, as well as Harbour Street. Height and weight restrictions apply, and on Thursday mornings, Whitstable market is held here, so the amount of spaces lowers significantly.

Tankerton Road Car Park Parking Map
Long Stay, 58 Spaces, Spaces for Disabled

Tankerton Road car park is quite a way out of the centre of Whitstable - about a twenty minute walk, but, especially during the summer months, the walk into town is fine, and, by walking along Tankerton Slopes, it takes you past Whitstable castle, (the oldest manor house in town), the summer tea gardens accross from the castle, past Whitstable Harbour,and into Harbour Street. If you're walking along Tankerton Slopes heading into Whitstable, the view over the sea is one of the best around, and if the tide's right, you'll see 'Whitstable Street' - the long spit of pebbles leading out to sea. Alternatively, you can head straight to the beach, and walk along the pedestrian walkway which leads into Whitstable.

Middle Wall Car Park Parking Map
Short Stay, 90 Spaces, Spaces for Disabled, CCTV

Middle Wall runs parallel to Whitstable High Street, and this car park provides pedestrian access to the High Street via alley ways. It's an ideal car park for getting to the centre of town, and spaces are often available even though it's a busy car park.

Gladstone Road Car Park Parking Map
Short Stay, 63 Spaces, Spaces for Disabled, Spaces for Motorcycles

This car park is directly in front of the main Whitstable Post Office, and provides access to Whitstable's High Street shopping area. Due to its location, this car park can be very busy.

Shaftesbury Road Car Park Parking Map
Short Stay, 48 Sapces, Spaces for Motorcycles, CCTV

This small car park is accessed via Nelson Road, which leads off Oxford Street (The Canterbury end of Whitstable High Street), and then Shaftesbury Road. An alley way connects it to Oxford Street, so you don't have to walk back round, and it serves as a usefull car park for access to the beach, by walking down Nelson Road, or Whitstable Town centre.

Victoria Street Car Park Parking Map
Short Stay, 64 Spaces, Spaces for Disabled, Spaces for Motorcycles, CCTV

Access is via Victoria Street, which is a left turn off Harbour Street. Harbour Street is part of the circular one-way system, as shown on the right, so if you're coming from the Canterbury end of the high Street (the bottom of the image on the right), head up Horsebridge Road, which leads into Sea Street, and then turn right at the end into Habour Street.

Whitstable Leisure Centre Car Park Parking Map
58 Spaces, Spaces for Disabled, (Fee refunded to Leisure centre users)

The car park outside Whitstable Leisure Centre is available to the public, but users of the Leisure Centre will be refunded their parking fee. Access is via Tower Parade, the Street running directly on from Harbour Street.

Whitstable Harbour Car Park Parking Map
26 Spaces, spaces for Disabled, CCTV

This is a very small, and busy car park, due to its location in Whitstable Harbour, and provides access to the harbour, Harbour Street, and the beaches.

Access is via Harbour Street. The entrance is just after the zebra crossing at the end of Harbour Street.


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