With the kind permission of the publishers and author's family, we're pleased to be featuring one of the most eagerly sought after and acclaimed books based around Whitstable.

'The Oyster Seekers' has been critically acclaimed as one of the best English fish recipe books ever made, winning the Gourmand World Awards, and hailed as 'The best fish cookery book of the year' by The Daily Telegraph, and 'Marvellous' by Tom Parker Bowles, Mail On Sunday.

Wheelers Oyster Bar

The book brings to the public the story, and recipes of Wheelers Oyster Bar, the Whitstable establishment who's name is synonymous with world class seafood, and who's reputation has spread around the globe as a mecca for the finest fish dishes, and recipes.

Beginning with the history of Wheelers, and the changing face of Whitstable, the book is beautifully and lovingly written by author and journalist Mandy Bruce, who with Wheelers owner, Delia Fitt and Paris and London-trained chef, Mark Stubbs, brings to life the story, and recipes of this little restaurant in Whitstable that has achieved world-wide fame.

The book is illustrated throughout with pictures of Whitstable, and the dishes and recipes of Wheelers are captured beautifully by photographer Geoff Langan, with illustrations of fish preparation by Morgan Davies.

There's such a wide range of recipes in this book that it's hard to know where to begin - all manner of fish are discussed, with all Wheelers' methods, experience, and secrets laid out for all to see. If you're a fish enthusiast, this book's a treasure trove!

Techniques made simple ...

The Oyster Seekers goes into depth around many aspects of fish preparation, with handy illustrations of the techniques involved, including the basics of how to open an oyster, as well as cooking and preparing crab, and how to fillet a flat fish.

The idea is, very simply, to make it as staightforward as possible for the reader to start cooking, and enjoying the Wheelers' recipes, whether it's 'Oysters au naturel', Moules Mariniere, or Whole Dover Sole, all the information you need is there.

How to get a copy ...

With the Kind permission of Blake Publishing, and the family of the late Mandy Bruce, we're able to offer The Oyster Seekers through Amazon U.K. Simply use the link below which will take you to the book on Amazon's U.K site.

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