Buttercup boutique in whitstable, home of Felicity Wishes, and a range of cards, ceramics, and children's gifts.

16 Harbour Street,

Tel - 01227 265 978

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Buttercup, situated in whitstable's Harbour Street, sells a range of gifts, from ceramics to beautifully crafted wooden toys for children, and is also the home of the internationally famous 'Felicity Wishes' children's books, written by author Emma Thomson.


About Buttercup
Entrance to Buttercup - boutiques in Whitstable

Buttercup sells a large range of gifts and cards for children and adults. Home of the 'Felicity Wishes' the shop has a wide variety of books devoted to Emma Thomson's famous children's characters including 'Isabella's Toy Box' series books and the 'Lili' series of books. Buttercup also holds a comprehensive range of children's quality wooden toys from 'Bajo', as well as puzzles, games and graft toys from 'Djeco'. Buttercup stocks a selection of soft toys from 'Klimba' and famous 'Bagpuss' as well as children's handmade shoes by 'Guico', and finally the distinctive blue and white Polish Ceramic tableware from 'Boleslawiec'. A place to find that surprising different  gift for those you love.

Bajo Wooden Toys

Bajo Toys

Founded in 1993 by Wojciech Bajor, a Sculptor and architect who lectures at the university of Krakow, Bajo produces a range of childrens toys using 14 different types of wood from their local region and orchards at the foot of the Carpathian mountains in Poland. Buttercup stocks a wide range of Bajo's award-winning, colourful toys.

As well as enquiries from individual customers, Roy Thomson is also a U.K agent for Bajo toys, so enquiries from retailers are welcome.

Visit the Bajo site at www.bajo.eu or buy online

Click for a larger version Click for a larger version Click for a larger version Bajo toy crocodile

Djeco Toys

Buttercup carries a large selection Djeco childrens card games, puzzles, and lots other fantastic things to make, paint print and build. 

Felicity Wishes

Written and illustrated by author and artist Emma Thomson, the Felicity Wishes series, published by Hodder Books, has become a world-wide success, as children around the globe follow the adventures of Felicity the fairy. Buttercup boutique in Whitstable's Harbour Street is home to the Felicity Wishes series, as well as new creations by Emma Thomson such as Isabella's Toybox, and the latest Lili and Pickle books.

To find out more about the Felicity Wishes books,
visit www.felicitywishes.net, or see Emma talk about the Books

Felicity wishes available at Buttercup in Whitstable Emma Thomson whitstable Felicity Wishes children's books

Lili and Pickle

Inspired by, and written in Whitstable, Emma Thomson's Lili and Pickle children's books are based on the author's own daughter, and her bear 'Pickle'. The book comes with full instructions for knitting your own Pickle bear, and a Whitstable ladies' knitting circle has got together to produce authentic Whitstable Pickles which are available in the shop.

Lili and Pickle by Emma Thomson

Isabella's Toybox

Also written and illustrated by author Emma Thomson, the Isabella's Toybox books are available in Buttercup, with the book's illustrations currently being featured on a range of Marks and Spencer's children's clothes.

Click to see Emma talk about Isabella's Toybox

Available from Buttercup in whitstable, Kent The Isabella's Toybox series Whitstable boutique Buttercup sells a range of books by author Emma Thomson Isabella's toybox childrens books at Buttercup boutique

Ceramic Giftware

Buttercup stocks a range of ceramics from the Boleslawiec Company in South West Poland. Each piece is beautifully hand-painted, durable, safe for use in ovens, AGA, microwaves and freezers, and is dishwasher-safe.

You can use this link to watch the ceramics being made, or see a catalogue of products

Beautifully hand-painted ceramics at Buttercup in Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent

Gucio Handmade Children's shoes

These unique and ergonomic children's shoes are made of natural leather, and designed to protect and support children's feet in a fresh and dynamically designed shoe. Sold in the U.K by Buttercup, these hand-made shoes are fabricated to the highest standards by designer Slawomir Piwowarczyk.

Click here to see a 360° version of the shoe on the right

Visit www.mygucio.com to find out more.

Click here to see a 360 degree image of the shoe

Cards by Andrzej Tylkowski

The cards of Andrzej Tylkowski depict his journey from real-life courtship to fiancé to newly married and now to having their first child. They depict the beautiful and very collectable stages of all relationships. Buttercup holds a wide range of the artist's cards at their boutique.

Visit their site to view the complete range of cards and the wonderfully animated e-cards
at www.ilustris.pl

Click on the cards on the right to view some of the Ilustris animated e-cards.

Cards by Andrzej Tylkowski Click here to see animated cards cards in Whitstable at Buttercup Boutique

Cards and wrapping paper by Emma Ball

Buttercup also stocks cards and wrapping paper by artist Emma Ball, a selection of water coloured cards of local scenes including Whitstable beach huts.

Emma Ball's artists prints available at Buttercup Boutique in Whitstable

Buttercup's Location

Buttercup Boutique sits in Harbour Street in the town of Whitstable, in Kent, U.K. Harbour Street itself is filled with pretty little boutiques, and is a popular place with visitors to the town.

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