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Born and educated in Canterbury, Kent.  My childhood was spent living and playing in the woods that surround Canterbury.  After leaving school I started working as a carpenter on sites through out the U.K.  The work varied and the inter-reaction and love affair with wood started to grow.  From site carpentry to shipwright, onto mould making. 

However, all along I was playing with wood straight from the tree and converting it into shapes that pleased me.  Along with this came my passion for building and restoration of gypsy caravans, this is where my ability to carve originated.

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Peter Forest, owner of Forest Woodcraft, artistic carpenter

After returning to Canterbury and starting a family late in life, I went to Canterbury Art College and then onto the Kent Institute of Art and Design where I had the chance to further develop my skills.

With the world of fine art firing my own creative spirit, works like Rodin’s “The Gates of Hell” have given me new direction and inspiration.
From Goya to Marcel Duchamp, Egyptian Bos-relief to 3D sculpture, the influences of past masters have molded my ideas and enriched my love of carving and artistry.

Fusing my love of art with my love of wood is an exciting and magical journey for me, bringing together a life’s experience with my passion for the raw materials and ideas for the future.
I hope to meet you along the way sometime,

Peter Forrest

Whitstable Artistic carpentry, Forest Woodcraft

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